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Allt började en väldigt tidig onsdag senvintern 85'
Sedan dess har mycket hänt. Man får filtrera lite i historien och ta med de delar som känns viktiga. Allt möjligt händer här, där och långt borta. Det är svårt att få med allting, och ibland känns det som man vill vara överallt. Just nu är jag i Lund, och detta är min just-nu-berättelse.

Att motbevisa någoting meningslöst

Nattorg topicPosted by Fredrik 2007-06-23 20:52:41
Allt började på ett forum efter att en av alla irriterande inbjudningar till någon värdelös applikation på (det nya innestället på nätet) skickats till mig för säkert 12:e gången. Jag var tvungen att gå in och skriva något hjärnlöst i stil med "this is a worthless application", men såg att någon redan tänkt tanken. Ett forum hade skapats, och däribland en tråd med titeln "you are all idiots" eller något i den stilen. Där inne läste jag hur någon stackare försökte bevisa att astrologi fungerar...
hehe. I alla fall läste jag vidare och insåg efter lite googlande att det fanns tonvis av människor som faktiskt tror att det är verkligt. (!!!) Inte för att det spelar så stor roll för mig men jag blev sur av nån anledning (ni som eventuellt skulle läsa detta och känner mig vet säkert anledningen, utan att jag gör det) och blev tvungen att motbevisa puckot. Det här blev mitt inlägg (fixat till lite här dock för nåt stavfel o sånt, finns säkert fler)

Blog ImageRiktigt foto detta btw, sjukt snyggt eller hur?

I alla fall, ja, jag är medveten om att det känns ganska meningslöst att använda sin tid till sådant här, men man lär sig alltid nåt, och det är kul att se svaren man får. Och just det: ja jag är nörd oxå ja, men det är ok:

Ok, so here’s my contribution. It is rather long, but after learning about how many people acually believe in this crap for real I had to give those of you who are here a proper chance to see you are wrong.

From what I've learned astrology is classified as a pseudoscience, which also best describes it I think (pseudo = false btw). I can pretty much prove to you that this nonsense is false as well, so don’t get so shaken up by that as well now guys [några av dem tog illa upp innan av nåt någon skrev]:

As Debbie already shown, gravity from stars and/or planets doesn't in fact have any whatsoever effect on human beings, because the fields simply do not reach us with enough force. E.g. the largest planet by far in our solar system is to far away for its gravity to effect us even slightly. This is a scientific fact. Go to NASA homepage or look it up in a book or whatever.

In addition, following the astrological OWN set of rules, that says the planets gravity would effect us (<-to be clear, that’s once again not the case, but just to show you why, we can pretend it is for a second<), the moon would be considerably greater than the other celestial bodies, considering it inflicts the strongest gravity towards earth, but its not! (the greatest influence in astrological charts that is). [Detta sa någon sedan inte var sant, en del anser tydligen att månen är den starkaste i deras kartor (mkt misstänkt alternation) men det spelar ju mindre roll]

Someone earlier, I think it was Mike Helmus or someone, claimed that an H-atom at "the edge" of the universe gave some amount of gravitational effect here on earth, which is of course way off. All known forces decrease with distance, and the very small gravitational force that one H-atom produce do not reach (with any force greater than to attract an electron or something in that kind of size) further than itself, so that claim is a definite wrong, sorry Mike.

So, that hopefully clears all doubts about celestial bodies gravity being even able to effect us in any way.

Moving on; what other force do celestial bodies radiate? Electromagnetic ones for sure, e.g. in the form of light and heat. Totally overshadowed by the sun and the earth itself, these extremely small amounts of electromagnetic force cannot effect us in any way, as they do not add in any exposure to us, and therefore do not exist (1+0=1). To be clear, it does not matter if this EM reach us or not, because there isn’t any difference in exposure if they do anyhow.

What’s left? No force known by man that’s for sure. But hey! What about the "invincible" forces, right Matt? Let's call them "unknown" to be more true to the meaning of it shall we?

ok, the unknown force:
First of all, if this unknown force would follow statistics (100% of known ones) it would as well as magnetism and electromagnetism decrease by distance, and would therefore be of different value, coming from different planets and/or stars. In astrology there is no distinction made between celestial bodies looking at their distance to earth (Uranus is not stronger/weaker compared to Saturn.). So this unknown force obviously does not follow the laws of physics. Ok, matter then? Does size or matter, matter? :) Once again no, because, Jupiter would dominate size, and is not the dominating heavenly body.

So, neither distance nor size/substance matter. Then what does? Not position, as distance did not... But hey! Let’s say position actually do matter, lets say it’s the position of an object whether it’s big or small that make the difference. This is an absolute impossibility, once again remember this is using the astrology’s OWN rules (if it hadn’t been of course doesn’t matter, its still impossible- u with me?), because why is not all the matter in the universe taken into consideration? If this force is not effected by distance, and not effected by size, ALL stars and its planets would have effect on your astrological chart. That is a number not even thought of yet! And what about all the asteroids? There are zillions of billions asteroids sweeping through our universe, and more still. Why wouldn’t those count? , they do follow the same system as everything else the astrologers use in their charts. (Read on for answer to that question)

So, there is not a known force effecting us astrologically, and there is not an unknown force effecting us astrologically, that leaves only...
NO force effecting us astrologically. *gasp*

The answer is that YES Matt, it IS beyond the realm of possibility, not only outside the realm of science. Astrology have not thought its own system through, because there is no possibility it could, it simply can not work = Astrology is wrong.

Say you are still not convinced, and claim you don't care about whether it’s possible or not, you've acually seen it work! But you have not, I’m sorry, but that’s the truth. There are people writing essays about it, and I acually read this one, which shows without a doubt via analysis and meta-analysis that astrology does not work at all! There are only rare occasions of simple chance when it seams as if it does. Don't believe me? Read it yourself, it's not that long if you’re interested, and even easy to read!

There you have it. Astrology IS wrong. So don’t come talking about that “you can not rule out the possibility of something until you’ve explored every single aspect of it”-crap. I just did! You don’t have to look into every single detail so see obvious faults, (I don’t know in what way a zodiac sign is supposed to effect you, only that it is supposed to in some way, and I have proven this to be wrong, so rest of it doesn’t really matter does it? u with me?).

It didn’t take me two or three years to get it wrong (like Matt) ; it took me about 4 hours to get it right. (Simultaneously watching TV ) Quality over quantity dude, a life lesson ;) (Sorry, had to rub that one in, Die hard was on TV, couldn’t help myself not to be a smartass.)

If you have anything, anything at all to question, please do and I will discuss it with you, but think first, or you may be looked at as the ignorant one.


Så ni som tyckte erat horoskop var kusligt nära igår känn er lugna. (I förrgår hade jag inte ens antagit att någon skulle kunna känna så med tyngd, men nu vet jag fan inte längre.) I alla fall! Tills nästa gång!

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